Departure Instructions

In order for us to operate a “Safe for Everyone” self-catering environment, we must ask that guests follow the departure instructions to the letter.

  1. Departure is by 10 am and no later.
  2. Guests should open windows as follows: 
    • Ensuite shower room – turn handle ¼ turn and leave the window securely tilted.
    • Upstairs bedroom windows – open bottom window and hook securely to brass catch.
    • Bathroom window – open window to first catch and secure by turning handle.
    • Kitchen window – open window to first catch and secure by turning handle.
  3. Bedlinen: In order to comply with recommendations for safe provision of bedlinen, we are required to stow away all duvets and pillows between lets to allow time for any potential viral particles to be eliminated. Our cleaner will stow away the bedding, demonstration of bagged duvets ready for departure
    but it needs to be properly sorted so that she minimises the risk to her from handling bedding. Guests should strip beds and arrange bedding in bags as follows:
    • One zipped bag for double duvet
    • One zipped bag for two single duvets
    • One zipped bag for one single duvet + 2 pillows (all pillow protectors removed)
    • One zipped bag for 3 pillows (all pillow protectors removed)
    • Two zipped bags for 2 and 3 cushions from living room
    • One open bag with all pillow protectors and removable mattress protectors from all beds
    • One open bag with all other bedding – pillowslips, sheets and duvet covers
    • One open bag with all towels and kitchen linen (dish towels and oven gloves)
  4. Bathrooms: toilet rolls and soap should be removed along with any of guests’ personal items. Toilets should be flushed.
  5. Kitchen: all saucepans and frying pans must be properly washed with hot soapy water before being stored in cupboards.
  6. On departure, we ask that guests ensure that ALL crockery, cutlery and glassware are clean for the incoming guests.
  7. All kitchen cupboards should be checked and emptied of foodstuffs.
  8. Fridge should be completely cleared of any remaining food or frozen items.
  9. Waste bins should have all bagged waste removed and placed in the outside bins.  Guests are asked to ensure that sufficient room is left in the blue landfill bin for the next guest to use. Glass bottles and jars should be recycled at the bottle bank at Crail Primary School.  Strictly no glass waste in any of the recycling bins.
  10. Keys should be returned to the owners following the instructions provided in your arrival information.

Thank you for your cooperation in keeping us all safe