Crail Circular Walk

Crail Circular Walk is an attractive short, easy, 3 mile walk which takes you through Denburn Wood. You will pass the accommodation blocks for the old airfield, Wormiston House, the Hammer Inn (home of the Scottish Countryman) and back to Crail.

Crail Circular Walk – Start of the Walk

From Sandcastle Cottage in the Nethergate proceed up Kirk Wynd. When you get to the top of Kirk Wynd take a right. You will find the gate into Denburn Wood on the opposite side of the road. Proceed through the gate and up through the wood. This is a small attractive woodland walk maintained by a group of local volunteers called the Denburn Diggers. They meet on the first Saturday of every month to maintain the wood. There are lots of different species of trees along with attractive flowers flowering at different times of the year.

Crail Circilar Walk Denburn Wood
Denburn Wood

At the end of the woodland walk you will come to the cemetry car park and the cemetry to your left. Take a right turn following the right of way sign past the cemetry extension to your right. At the end of the cemetry extension and the back of the caravan park you will find two paths proceed straight ahead keeping to the track across the field with the airfield accommodation buildings facing you.

Crail Circular Walk across the fields to the old airfield
Take the right fork and proceed toward the airfield
Crail circular Walk view out to sea and the airfield control tower
Stop and take in the view out to sea. Note the old airfield control tower
Crail circular Walk accommodation blocks
Accommodation blocks now in ruins today

You are now out into open countryside. There is always plenty wildlife to spot depending on what time of year you do this walk. We did it in January and spotted a Skylark and a Hare. Roe Deer have also been spotted. Stop for a moment and admire the view out to sea or toward the Isle of May and East Lothian.

Crail Airfield – HMS Jackdaw.

The airfield at Crail is probably one of the best preserved World War II airfields in the whole of the UK. The airfield was part of Fleet Air Arm and Baracudas and Swordfish Torpedo Bombers were based there during the war. The part of the airfield you are passing on this walk are the accommodation blocks. Most are in ruins today.

During my research I came across an article about the 1st Battalion Black Watch who were billeted at Crail in April 1952 before leaving for Korea. They were visited by her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother who was their Colonel in Chief. If you would like to find out more about the visit watch the short film.

There are also some pictures of Black Watch soldiers outside the accommodation blocks in the George Cowie Collection at St Andrews University. Click the link to view.

At the end of the path take a left and follow the path round the back of the airfield accommodation blocks with a wooded area to your right. At the end of the path you will come to a large metal gate and a tarmac road. Take a left and follow the road towards Wormiston House.

When you come to the metal gate take a left and follow the road toward Wormiston House.

Crail Circular Walk – Wormiston House

Wormiston House is a 17th century tower house. Originally the property of the Spence or Spens family Constables of Crail. They were supporters of Mary Queen of Scots during the 1570’s. In 1612 the house passed to the Balfour family who were responsible for building much of the castle. In 1621 the castle was acquired by the Lindsay’s who occupied the house until the 19th century.

Wormiston House

Wormiston is now a private house and is not open to the public.

The Scottish Countryman

Follow the road past the house stopping to admire the garden and grounds. The road takes you toward Hammer Inn the home of Steve Brazendale the Scottish Countryman who offers you the opportunity to experience Archery and the chance to learn about Birds of Prey. For more information click this link and get in touch. It is an activity that can be enjoyed by all family members young and old.

At the end of the road take a left and walk along the grass verge for approximately 100 yards. This is the main road into Crail and it can be busy.

Walk on the grass verge past the sign for the Scottish Countryman.
At this group of signs look for the small wooden sign on the pole for Crail
Follow the track at the side of the field

Crail Circular Walk – Back toward Crail

Look for a wooden sign for Crail and follow the path at the side of the field. The path leads to a well worn track which takes you across the fields and back towards Crail.

Follow the grassy track back to Crail
This track will lead you to the Balcomie Hotel where you may like to stop for a light refreshment

Instead of following the track past the cememtry extension again follow the gravel path past the caravan site on your left. At the bottom of the path you will find the Balcomie Hotel. Why not stop for a coffee or something stronger. After all you have walked three miles.

At the Balcomie Hotel take a right and Kirk Wynd is the second turning on the left and back to Sandcastle Cottage.

This walk took us approximately 1.5 hours.

Watch our Short Film of the Walk

Crail Circular walk from Sandcastle Cottage

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