David Attenborough’s First Life in Crail

In October 2010 fossil hunting David Attenborough visited Crail with a film crew as part of his First Life Series. He was looking for fossils and Crail’s own carboniferous tree trunk. This tree trunk can be found in the rocks at West Braes at low tide

Fossil Hunting with David Attenborough

Called Attenborough’s Journey, the enthusiasm of David Attenborough for his project ‘First Life’ shines through – but for us the most exciting thing was that he has been filming part of it in Crail! If you are holidaying this year in Crail why don’t you head off for a morning walk from Sandcastle Cottage in search of the tree trunk. 

We have given you a clue from the photograph below as to where to look. All you have to do if find it and the many other fossils on this stretch of rocky coastline.https://www.2crail.com/

Fossil Hunting in Crail

The rocks around Crail are great for fossil hunting. In fact it’s a fossil hunting paradise.You can find so many different fossils of many different prehistoric species as highlighted by David Attenborough in the programme. It is hard to imagine that the rocks around Crail were part of a massive prehistoric rain forrest.Crail harbour tree trunks

fossil hunting at crail

To find out more about the geology of this area, take a look at Discovering Fossils in Crail

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2 thoughts on “David Attenborough’s First Life in Crail

  • December 29, 2010 at 5:10 pm

    Crail gets a mention in the book that accompanies the television series. The trace fossils (tracks) preserved in the Carboniferous sandstone deposits are mentioned in chapter 11. You are very fortunate to live so close to such an important site in the geological fossil record.

  • December 29, 2010 at 5:24 pm

    Thanks for reading, Mike. Yes, we are indeed fortunate to have a cottage so close to the important geological fossil site near the Harbour in Crail. Maybe you’d like to come and explore for yourself one day? We’ve seen the entry in the book – but were a bit disappointed that there weren’t more photographs.

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