What does the beach mean to you?

time to go for a walk on the beach?

There’s a wonderful project going on around the UK coastline – have you heard of it yet? A mysterious beach visitor who likes to be known only as “manonabeach” is touring our beaches, asking fellow beach visitors one simple question “What does the beach mean to you?”.

He’s just visited our very own Roome Bay beach at Crail for the second time and now has contrasting stories about Roome Bay in Winter and in summer.

If you were to be asked “What does the beach mean to you?”, what would you say? [Let us know in the comments below.]

For us, it’s a place of discovery and renewal.  Blowing away the cobwebs, relaxing and finding peace.  Either the start of a walk, or a journey of discovery – back in time through the stones we find; to make a little beach sculpture; to breathe in fresh air and see the horizon or to see what has washed up on the shoreline.

Here are links to some of the stories about Roome Bay Beach:

In summer… and in winter.

Have you visited Roome Bay beach? What would you say?

If you’d like to stay at Sandcastle Cottage, you’ll find us just by the path which takes you down to Roome Bay beach.  Book your next break today!

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