Ice Cream Shops – East Neuk of Fife

As one of the blog team for Crail Food Festival, I was delighted to have an assignment which involved visiting lots of ice cream and sweetie shops!  , and of course the famous Jannetta’s Gelateria in St Andrews where so much of the East Neuk ice cream I found originated.  When you’re on holiday in Crail, it’s good to know that there are so many places nearby where you can stop for an ice cream, and find some traditional sweeties too.

East Neuk

Elie – there are several choices in Elie – Fifi’s Parlour inside The Pavilion at Elie Sports Centre, soft whip ice cream and tubs at Elie Deli and gelato at Carol’s Shop in Elie High Street.

fifi's ice cream parlour elie

Carol’s Shop is currently being looked after by Holiday Essentials, serving up delicious gelato and with a range of gifts and flowers available.  On the day we visited, the Rum and Raisin and Salted Caramel tub and the Blackcurrant Sorbet and Mint Chocolate Chip Gelato were all very welcome choices!

Carol's Ice Creams Elie

Pittenweem – right on the harbourside, Nicholson’s shop is the place for a big range of different types of Jannetta’s ices, with a choice of cones, chocolate cones, wafers, oysters, and lots of toppings.  Huge selection of sweets too.  We were able to look at them close up when we got caught in a shower during the Pittenweem Arts Festival.

nicholsons ices pittenweem

nicholsons ice cream shop pittenweem

Anstruther – a choice of different ice creams in bustling Anstruther – The Sweetie Shop has Luvian’s Ices, Lisa’s Ice Cream Parlour has Jannetta’s Gelateria Ices and The Anstruther Fish Bar has Brattesani’s Ices (freshly made on the premises).

lisas ice cream parlour anstruther

At Lisa’s you can sit outside in the sun, and they also serve snacks and drinks.

anstruther ice cream brattesani's

Brattesani’s Ice Creams are freshly made on the premises, and you’ll find them inside the Anstruther Fish Bar, but we usually find that a separate visit is required after eating our fill of fish and chips.

freshly made brattesanis gelato

On a recent visit to Brattesani’s, it was good to notice that small batches of ice cream had been made (obviously in response to the poor weather we were having at the time).


Crail has two ice cream shops as the Beehive in the High Street sells a range of Janettas Ice Cream

The Beehive Crail
The Beehive Crail

Brodie’s Grannie’s located at Crail  Harbour has a large selection ice creams. For more details click this link

Ice Cream shops

St Andrews Ice Cream shops

No matter where you are in St Andrews, you’re never far from an ice cream…

A favourite stop, serving ice cream to locals and visitors for 4 generations, Jannetta’s Gelateria was a very popular choice for our little group as we finished the Kingsbarns to St Andrews section of the Fife Coastal Path, and very convenient for the bus stop for the 95 bus back to Crail.  There are over 50 flavours regularly on sale and you can ask for a little taste before you buy.

Jannetta's Gelateria St Andrews shop front

The St Andrews-born member of our walking group just had to have the St Andrews Sundae!

Ice Creams St Andrews

There is one other option you may like to try Luvian’s Ice Cream Parlour in Market Street St Andrews.

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We look forward to welcoming you to Sandcastle Cottage. You will then be able to tour the East Neuk and St Andrews sampling a different ice cream on every day of your stay.

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