Day Trip to St Andrews A Day to Remember

Day Trip to St Andrews A Day to Remember

There is lots to see and do on a day trip to St Andrews. Many of our guests are ex St Andrews students or have holidayed there as a child. Some of our visitors from parts of the UK and overseas are making their first trip to the area. However many are returning guests who have fallen in love with the area and enjoy a relaxing carefree holiday.

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Cat statues of Europe #1 – Hamish McHamish

Hamish McHamishWe were lucky this morning to be able to head up to St Andrews for a ceremony unveiling the new statue of the “Cool Cat About Town”, Hamish McHamish.  The life of the town’s famous cat was being celebrated in many artistic ways.  Children from the primary schools had been drawing pictures of Hamish in all the different places he regularly visits.  The local baker, Fisher and Donaldson’s had baked a cake in his image, and over at the Town Hall, many faces were being painted in his likeness.  We were even fortunate enough to catch a glimpse of the cat himself as he was discovered and brought along to the ceremony by a local resident.

cake hamish mchamish

new statue hamish mchamish

The cake from Fisher and Donaldson’s was delicious!

You can read Hamish’s story and find lots of pictures of his life in the book “Hamish McHamish of St Andrews – Cool Cat About Town” by Susan McMullan – we bought a copy for our guests at Sandcastle Cottage, and you’ll find it there with a dedication from the author.  You can see lots more about the people who officiated and were involved in the fundraising, sculpting and the event itself over on our Facebook album.

Now we’re off to find out more about whether there are any other statues to famous cats around Europe – do you know of any?